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These Exercises and Drills Will Improve Your Soccer Skills

Soccer is one of the most loved games around the globe. The players should be in an efficient physical and mental condition. Read this article to know more about soccer exercises.

Soccer players need to be mentally and physically fit. To survive in this fast paced game, you need to know some good soccer exercises. These exercises help to maintain the fitness and flexibility level of soccer players.

Exercises should always begin with some warm up and stretching. Stretching exercises will increase the flexibility and also have a positive effect on the mind of soccer players.

  • Kneel on one foot, balance yourself by placing your hands on your hips. Push your hips forward for a complete stretch.
  • Start with leg circuits, placing your hands behind your head. Stand on one foot, lunge forward and then come back. Repeat 10 times and then lunge with other foot. It is an excellent way to improve endurance levels.
  • Coaches should always take care that players have speed in their running. Warm ups for adults should always contain jogging and running.
  • Aerobics is an excellent choice too. They strengthen the cardiovascular system. Players should be encouraged to do yoga, swimming, and cycling.
  • Working on your upper body with weights will not only improve strength, but will also increase stamina. Soccer is a contact sport and the stronger the players, the less are their chances of getting injured on the soccer field.
Soccer is a game that requires lots of practice. To be good in any game you need to practice it regularly.

  • Hold the ball and drop it. Juggle the ball with your knee or thigh. Don’t let the ball simply bounce off your thigh. Raise the level your thigh each time you bounce your ball with it
  • Practice instep. Instep means if you are right footed then place your left to the ball’s side. Keep right foot elevated off the ground a few inches, drawn straight back and swing the ball straight.
  • Try to pass the ball in between two cones. Try that the ball doesn’t touch the cones.
  • Soccer demands a lot of physical activity. Indoor exercises are also a great way to achieve that desired physical fitness.
    • Sit in an erect posture with one leg straight out and toes pointing upwards. Place your other foot towards your knee and touch your toes with both hands.
    • Lie down on your chest with your hands on to the sides. Now push off with your hands and clap your hands in the middle of your body and quickly place your hands to support yourself before hitting the ground. This exercise is difficult, but with regular practice you would be able to perform it efficiently.
    • Soccer players need to be flexible as a gymnast sometimes, not only to get the ball from the opponent, but also to prevent soccer injuries.

    I hope this article on soccer exercises will help you understand the details of this physically demanding sport. Play safe!